S-LCG is a switchable light control glass that turns a transparent glass to opaque instantaneously and vice versa.

It is a laminated glass comprising 2pcs of glass sandwiched in between by an LCD interlayer.

S-LCG works via electrical signal through activation of switches, sensors etc. that aligns the LCD molecules to allow light to pass through and becomes transparent. It is opaque when not activated.

S-LCG is operated using 48V/60V power supply source.

S-LCG consumes only <3.5W/m2. Literally low compared to a 40W light bulb used in lighting.

Instantaneously in 1/1000 sec from opaque to transparent and 1/100 sec from transparent to opaque.

Yes, S-LCG can be regulated to slowly transform from opaque to transparent or vice versa. Also in sequence with rows of S-LCG to simulate drawing of curtains through the use of circuitry.

Yes, S-LCG is a rear projector screen with wide viewing angles. Even from the side one can enjoy clear, beautiful images and also in bright locations with high functional projectors.

Yes, S-LCG is a safety glass. Being laminated, it prevents scattering of glass fragments in the event of breakage.

Yes, S-LCG can be used in wet areas such as bathrooms. The edges of S-LCG are protected with vinyl edge protectors that prevent any contact with water.

Yes, S-LCG is available in all irregular shapes including curved.

Yes, S-LCG can be installed in outdoor areas subjecting to the elements.

The lead-time is approximately 4 weeks.

Warranty period is 2 years for glass type and 1 year for film type from date of installation subject to all terms and conditions.


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